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Disconnect from the noise of everyday life and head to gorgeous Herefordshire with the perfect UK countryside staycation. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or Christmas party you’re planning, you’ll find tips here.

Ross-on-Wye with church steeple

When considering your next getaway, why not escape the urban grind and immerse yourself in the peaceful charm of an exclusive-use country home in the English countryside? Opting for a private property ensures a bespoke experience, offering quality time with your chosen guests and is also a good choice for a getaway with larger groups. The true luxury lies in exclusivity, where the space is all yours. Venues where every detail of your stay can be tailored to your preferences make the experience even more enjoyable.

Choosing the location that’s right for you

When planning a countryside staycation for a group, the first step is selecting your ​ideal​ location. If it’s nature you’re after, the UK offers a variety of stunning landscapes, from Cornwall to the Cotswolds, the Lake District to the Scottish Highlands. Consider what type of environment appeals most to your group. Do you prefer the scenic beauty of the countryside, or are you looking for a location rich in history and cultural attractions?

With its British heritage and bustling countryside markets, Ross-on-Wye is full of charm

Ross-on-Wye, for example, combines natural beauty with historical significance, making it an excellent choice. Known as the birthplace of British tourism, it offers a mix of outdoor activities and interesting sites, such as castle ruins and charming market towns.

Planning activities for everyone

A successful group holiday requires a well-thought-out itinerary that includes activities for all ages and interests. When staying at an exclusive-use country home, the possibilities are endless. For those staying in Ross​-​on​-​Wye, outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy beautiful hikes or the more adventurous can look for activities such as paddleboarding on the River Wye. History buffs can visit nearby historical sites, such as ancient ruins or stately homes.

Outdoor group event at Chelsea Parkfields
A venue with facilities that meet your company retreat needs often go beyond just the boardroom


For families with children, look for properties that offer organised activities or have nearby attractions to keep the little ones entertained. Nature-spotting walks, scavenger hunts, and visits to local farms or animal sanctuaries can provide hours of fun. Meanwhile, adults can indulge in the local restaurant scene, which might range from refined pub lunches to innovative dining experiences.

Ensuring comfort and confidence

One of the key advantages of an exclusive-use country home is the ability to enjoy all the comforts of home while on holiday. Spacious grounds offer plenty of room for outdoor activities and relaxation. Plan a picnic, enjoy a leisurely afternoon in the garden, or if the weather permits eat out under the stars.

The interiors should provide ample space for everyone to spread out and relax. Look for properties with comfortable common areas, cosy bedrooms, and well-equipped kitchens. This setup is particularly beneficial for intergenerational groups, allowing everyone to spend quality time together while also having their own space.

Consider your catering

For a truly relaxing holiday, consider the catering options available. Having professional chefs on hand means you can enjoy home-made meals without the hassle of cooking. This not only gives the usual cooks in the family a well-deserved break but also ensures that every meal is a special occasion​:​ ​t​he chefs can cater to all tastes and dietary requirements​,​ creating ​​​tailor-made menus​. ​N​ot having to worry about washing up after meals adds to the stress-free experience.

The benefits of exclusivity

Choosing an exclusive-use property for your holiday provides unparalleled privacy and comfort. Unlike a hotel, a country home ensures that you and your group have the entire property to yourselves. The exclusive-use model also means that the service can be entirely personalised. Whether you need assistance planning your itinerary, booking activities, or arranging meals, the dedicated staff at your chosen property should be able to cater to all your needs. This bespoke approach ensures that your holiday is tailored to your group’s preferences and interests.

Chelsea Parkfields: Exclusively Yours

When it comes to finding your ideal exclusive-use country home, Chelsea Parkfields stands out as an exceptional choice. In its beautiful setting, it offers the ideal blend of comfort, tranquillity, and personalised service. The dedicated team will plan your itinerary, advise on local attractions such as nearby castle ruins, and recommend the best local restaurants. They can organise every detail of your stay, ensuring that your holiday is seamless and enjoyable.

Aerial view of Chelsea Parkfields from the back
A venue with facilities that meet your company retreat needs often go beyond just the boardroom


The talented chefs will organise barbecues, picnics or specially themed menus for a special occasion. With its expansive grounds, comfortable interiors, and attentive service, Chelsea Parkfields is perfect for special occasions like family Christmas getaways, important birthdays, or friends’ reunions.

Contact us to find out why an exclusive-use country home like Chelsea Parkfields is the ultimate escape in the ​​​idyllic​ Herefordshire countryside.

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